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Dear Clients,
Greetings from MULTAHOST Corporation!!!
Hope all of you doing good.
This is an important email for our clients to grow some awareness for doing business, as most of you are connected with VoIP and Having VoIP Servers from us. So Please Read our email very carefully for your own safety.

Data Backup

In VoIP, Data is very important for every Company, We are providing High Configuration and Latest Model Servers to our clients with best performance but still sometime there are some problem occurs in Hard Disk, as the servers runs 24 hours a day - sometime the HDD became old and having problems with HDD.

VOS3000 and Linux Servers are very secured system and there is no leak for hack, but if any of your computer or laptop get hacked then there is nothing to do

Problems with HDD is very Rare and happen only 0.01% time, Last 4 years we had total 3 Hard disk Crash issue from all of our clients but who got this issue they had a big loss.

So This is Very important to take data backup everyday Manually by yourself, Who are using VOS3000 they can take account Balance screenshot at least every night, in that case if you face any data loss issue you will able to find out clients bill up-to last day.

Servers are machine, so nobody can give guarantee for Data Loss - all our Dedicated Server have backup HDD as well but still it's your own responsibility to take all backup time to time.

So Take backup and Stay Safe.

Hacking Problem:

Recently Now a day's many hacker became active for Hack Routes and Servers. We got several complain from clients that they are having hacking problems and after our investigation we find out that clients server and VOS3000 was hacked with his own user and password. Reason his laptop or computer was hacked or tapped by Key logger and the hacker getting all the password time to time.

VOS3000 and Linux Servers are very secured system and there is no leak for hack, but if any of your computer or laptop get hacked then there is nothing to do.

Here is some TIPs for avoid Hacking:

Change your root password after we deliver the server, Make the password very complicated and use @#$*&^ or any other symbol in password. Never made easy password or any password which come with English( Dictionary ) word.

2.   Change your admin password and keep complicated password.

Don't Accept any file in Skype, Yahoo messenger. As hacker will hack your known person ID first and your known person will send you a file named "A2Z Rates.Exe", Best rate from Telco.exe", "Rate_Sheet.exe" - like those and if you accept those file then your laptop will be hacked as well and hacker will know all your password, so even if you make complicated password he will know all the password.

When you use VOS3000 - always adjust billing with vendors, and when you know your regular amount of calls and if you have more than that then double check your VOS and if any client send more call then check his "Mapping Gw" and check if any extra unauthorized ip added or not.

5.   Time to time check with vendors which ip added in vendor side. So you can know only your ip or any other ip added or not.

6.   Keep root pass and rest pass with less computer, dont login at your server from public computer which is very risky.

--- there are many way to hack computer, so learn more from Google and try to be safe.

Finally, we are all the time with our clients, so if you face any kind of issue please immediately email us or knock us at Skype and take our help. We want all our clients stay with us for long time and be safe from any kind of loss.

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