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Dear Clients,
Hope you guys are doing good, first of all thanks a lot for being with us from long time. We always try to give best service and support for our clients and that's why we are sending this email to all our clients - so they can make their soft switch or server more and more secure from hackers, Spammers. Please read carefully our points and try to follow those points:

How you can make your Server More Secure:

Change your root password every month once at least, sometime for different reason clients use public laptop or computer to do urgent work. Some people even use cyber cafe for access their servers. Sometime people send root access to different people to check out issues from their Server. So better if you change your root password every month at least once. Changing root password for Server is easy, you need to connect with SSH and then just simply change the password. Please do not forget your new password, coz if you forget that then we will need to reset that again from co-location which require time and sometime required reboot of server.

People send files via Skype, yahoo or other messenger for hack laptop or computer by key-logger software, so always keep your anti virus updated in your computer or laptop. We always try to help and keep updated our clients, So please follow our tips for avoid hacking in your servers and VOS3000.

Change your SSH Port and make that unique, Only Advance users should do this who are really expert in Linux or who have expert NOC who knows good in Linux, coz if you forget the port then we must need reboot the server and ask co-location to reset the SSH port which can take couple of hours.

Do not use easy password even for 5-10 minutes, some people change password when they give someone and make easy password like: test123, vos3000!@#, server123, admin12345 like that. Which is very very insecure, never make password like that not even for 10 minutes. Need very complicated password with combination of uppercase and lowercase of alphabet, number and special characters like @#$%^ etc.

Do not use your password as same as your phone numbers.

We have seen some people using multiple application in same server and removing our firewall system, which is very risky. Don't remove firewall system without letting us know or don't stop firewall.

How you can make your VOS3000 More Secure:

Obviously change your admin password immediately after we give the server, never keep default password, which is very very risky.

Monitor your calls always, when you will see suspicious number of calls in your switch then check who is sending more calls and how many ip added in his mapping gw.

Monitor Concurrent Calls amount from Online Gateway or Online Mapping gateway. so you can see which ip sending traffic at your vos, if you see multiple ip in any mapping gateway then double check if those ips are added by you.

Most of the time Hacker hack VOS3000 by adding extra ip in Mapping Gateway, so please bar all unused mapping gateway from Mapping gateway option.

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