VOS3000 v2.1.2.4

  • Created by: Admin
  • Completed on: June 30, 2010
  • Version:
  • Client: VOS3000


* Add Period ASR/ACD Analysis for Gateway
* Add Private Rate for Account
* Add Private Rate for Phone
* Add Floating Icon to show Current Performance
* Add Monthly Max/Min/Spending for Phone
* Add Make Zero Method for Account Payment
* Package support any number of Day/Month/Year
* Add Short E164 Display for Phone
* Phone card support Decimal Value
* Add Sold/Overdraft Property for Phonecard
* Phonecard support Add/Import
* Web support Period Report
* Phonecard support Short E164
* IVR support Inband DTMF
* Add Template/Schedule Service for IP PBX


For More Info Please Contact : Email/MSN : noc@vos3000.com

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