VOS3000 v2.1.6.0 Clean Edition

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  • Completed on: June 30, 2018
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  • Client: VOS3000


Phone forwarding number provides tabular editing
The phone increases the call-free setting of the call platform phone, and increases the system parameters to control. 6
The phone increases the incoming caller rewriting rules.
Add a phone card to open a card to support multiple package settings
Increase the maximum minute rate setting for the phone
Phone Adds General Call Transfer/Interrogated Call Transfer Outgoing Display Settings
Increase call picking function
Add a multi-number function to the phone
Increase call retention
Increase the processing mode of the account balance when the package subscription is insufficient (including interface)
Increase the account validity period after the recharge card is recharged
Add a package non-full cycle subscription feature
Rate management increases by billing prefix filter
Increase the minimum profit margin of the landing gateway to support the negative setting (VOS3000.Com exclusive)
Package increases the effective consumption limit
Increase package priority
Rate group increase is filtered by name
Rate replacement redesign
Callback according to the flow rate
Add another income report
Increase the landing gateway time period priority (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Increase the concurrent and falling alarms of the docking/landing gateway (exclusive to VOS3000.Com)
Increase the time-based alarm configuration capability of the docking/landing gateway (exclusive to the VOS3000.Com)
Increase the landing gateway call timeout alarm (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Increase the docking gateway CPS alarm (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Add phone/land/dock gateway independent registration and call tracking
Increase user login client NIC Mac limitability
Filter table keywords increase comma separation while filtering multiple pieces of data
Improve the card card opening function, add extra features of the phone card
Improve the log query process
Increase Agency Revenue Statement
Add dual-system hot backup client direct management (VOS3000.Com is equipped with dual-system hot standby module)
Increase the number of lines reserved by the landing gateway (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Increase the gateway group line limit using the gateway setting function (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Landing/docking gateways can restrict names (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Docking/landing gateway adds CPS control, online landing/docking increases CPS display (VOS3000.Com exclusive)
Increase the parameter setting password alternative character set
IVR process tracking
Increase the accuracy of bill calculation
Increase the standard WEB log IP address record function
Increase the VOS service process monitoring component
Increase illegal call alert (unique for VOS3000.Com)
Add a docking gateway call return error code customization, you can customize the error code conversion rules
Increase all database alarms (unique for VOS3000.Com)

call forwarding number pool (Gateway docking, landing gateway)
for the first time when installing MySQL bound address is
resolved after the upgrade web server stops running and has not added into the Startup Items questions
phone / docking gateway is deleted [ Call Transfer Mode] (VOS)
Landing Gateway Delete [Allow Called Transfer] (VOS)
History CDR Add Termination Reason Filter Condition (VOS)
Binding Number Increase Call Rewrite Rule (VOS, IVR)
Binding Number / Use the phone card to increase the power-off display (VOS, IVR). The
phone sets the call-to-power display (VOS, MBX) according to the called prefix.
Create, delete, and query the binding number (Web). The
phone interface adds supplementary service settings (Web)
phone interface to add voice. service process set (Web)
the Push DTMF interfaces (IVR)
phone with vibration function
call transfer - standard transfer, transfer inquiry, Pickup transfer (MBX, call service)

increase the external direct call back request interface
increases the accuracy of the length and amount of broadcast setting function
to increase the electrical display telephone card to
modify data synchronization hot standby mode
to increase the dynamic blacklist support in case no response

adds protection routing function

enhance the VOS external interface capabilities
to improve the login process
double machine under multiple IP addresses simplifies deployment configuration (VOS3000)
increase the minimum spending package
to increase the mail sender set bill (VOS3000)
increase in pass-through capability Sip Message of
increase SIP SDP part in video framerate parameter pass-through and framesize
increase rate modification function timer

increase Forking
increase call forwarding SIP signaling format support

increase system-level whitelists
to increase the dynamic blacklist feature
direct-dial call-back increase media interrupt detection
increases Sip signaling configuration capabilities Display of
ivr voice rtp increase detection

phone / docking gateway to increase external number override the
IVR increase the number of IP binding capacity
increase processing time progress bar shows the
increase in speech coding SILK, VP8 video encoding
increased screen set up Remote-Party-ID of
increased ability to clean up reports
improved database data update is
separated from the web of the main installation package
add voice value-added service package to support the front machine dialogue turn provided
to increase the charging callback is turned through a second path to determine a first path billing account

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